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Shop and Snack

at Spring Fling
May 23rd

Food & Plants

Biblical Gardens!

Links to MANY new Bible Gardens worldwide!
Men, Women Grow in Faith!

Check out the retreats & monthly 4th Day!
Basket Party

Dec. 5th @
Healing Prayers:
Armor of God Prayer,
The Binding Prayer, Overview of Healing.
Prayer of Light,
Healing Family Tree,
House Blessings!
Clergy - Grow with 2016 Retreats!

Brothers and Sisters of the Way - BSOW

Selection Guide

to Grow Your Own

Biblical Garden!

Praise Team

Thursdays at 6:30 @ Church

Christmas Choir @ parsonage Wednesdays 6:30

Soup For All

Every Feb.
F.H. Legion Hall
Benefit: Local Hunger Relief
Rent our parents'
Irish Vacation House?

for your dream vacation!

Grow in Mission!

Join us at monthly Impact Fair Haven where we share projects with all groups in town and impact teens, families, adults!

Meet our Pastor Webmaster & Gardener, Marsh!
Grow Biblical Gardens!
Biblical Garden Resources
100 Biblical Plants A-Z,
Plants in a Biblical Garden
Walk through the Bible... Garden
Exodus Garden!
L.J.Musselman's Biblical Plant Photos & Studies
Children and Gardens
Children Planting 2011
Children's Garden Prayer Guide
Water Gardens,
Raised Bed Gardens, T-Shaped Raised Beds
Funding Your Bible Garden
Gardeners & Memorials
Garden News
Biblical Garden Questions
Horticultural Therapy

A Dictionary of Biblcal Plants by Lytton Musselman
An Illustrated Guide to the Plants of the Bible by Alfie O'Brien
Figs, Dates, Laurels and Myrrh by Lytton Musselman
Your Spiritual Garden: Tending to the Presence of God
Flowers of the Bible
Foods Jesus Ate and How to Grow Them
Plants of the Bible and How to Grow Them
Herbs of the Bible
Healing Plants of the Bible

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