Welcome to
First Congregational Church

of Fair Haven (Vermont) UCC!

Your Leaders!

Your Moderator

Matthew Pratt, P.O. Box 40 Hampton, NY 12837 518-282-9622
Email: dairyfarmer67@hotmail.com

The moderator leads the Cabinet, which coordinates all church groups and projects!

Your Trustees

Your Trustees care for the buildings (church, parsonage, and Maynard House)
and finances.
Mike Perry, Chair, P.O.Box 306; 1597 Scotch Hill Rd. Fair Haven, VT 05743 803-265-3757
Email: sluggo.mp@gmail.com

Tim Boulé, P.O. Box381 Bomoseen, VT 05732 802-265-3842

Gordon Searles, 267 Buckley Rd Whitehall, NY 12887 518-499-0239

Jenna Stiles, 26 1/2 West St. Fair Haven, VT 05743 802-265-4071

Ducharme Donnie P.O.Box 632 Bomoseen, VT 05732 558-9446

Your Deacons

This team cares for the spiritual well-being of our church and our community!

Matthew Pratt, Chair, P.O. Box 40 Hampton, NY 12837 518-282-9622
Email: dairyfarmer67@hotmail.com

Fred Bitting, 27 Prospect St. Fair Haven, VT 05743 265-4277

Orlando Craig, P.O.Box 384 Castleton, VT 05735 683-8741

Jack Davis, River Street; PO Box 1512 Castleton, VT 05735 265-8103

Your Mission Team

Mary Ann Charron, Chair ,1239 Rt. 30 South Castleton, VT 05735 802-468-3207

Martha Coulter, Box 74 County Rd. 18 Hampton, NY 12837 518-282-9111

Karen Festa, P.O. Box 646 East Poultney, VT 05741 802-287-2405

Susan Murphy, 174 Blissville Rd. Hydeville, VT 05750 265-3300

Carol Thompson, Box 113 Bomoseen, VT 05732 468-5309s

Your Pastoral Care Team

Mona Eddy, Chair, 56 Staso Rd. Castleton, VT 05735 802-468-2210

Helen Burke Allen 35 Grape St. Fair Haven, VT 05743 802-265-3465

Audrey Giannini, 151 Johnson Spooner Rd. Castleton, VT 05735 802-671-2020

Linda Corey 38 West Street. Apt. 3 Fair Haven, VT 05743 802-265-3137

Helen Root 34 Fourth Street Fair Haven, VT 05743 802-265-3259

Your Chrstian Development Team

Julie Tuminnia-Tomsuden, Chair, 3405 Route 144 Benson, VT 05743 802-537-2258

Mark Tomsuden, 3405 Route 144 Benson, VT 05743 802-537-2258

Dan Ransom, 74 Jackson Ave. Rutland, VT 05701 773-7092

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