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Walk Through the Torah Gardens

Congregation of Liberal Judaism (R)
928 Malone Drive, Orlando, FL  32810
Tel: (407) 645-0444
Rabbi Steven Engel Cantorial Soloist: Jacqueline Rawiszer
Gardeners: Barb & Guy Nemec
email: Barbara Nemec: barbrd@earthlink.net

Focus: Walk Through the Torah Gardens
As of November 2004, "The Adult Bnai Mitzvah class (adult bar/bat mitzvah) raised money to start on a biblical garden. We are working with the Rabbi to develop different areas of the garden to have as teaching focal points for the children as they walk through such as Mount Sinai, Rebecca at the well etc. As we develop the plans I would be very pleased to share information, stories and pictures."

As of March 2005, "We plan to have a garden feature for a major story from each of the Books. 
As we develop this I will keep you posted. 
We have met with the Rabbi and the Cantor and are just beginning to decide
on the different themes.    We will keep you posted."

Focus: Butterfly Garden
As of November 2004, "We just completed an extensive butterfly garden for the Temple.
The butterfly garden is 1800 square feet with a meandering brick walkway, fountain and deck for seating and small wedding ceremonies, butterfly poems and butterfly midrash (parables). We started the butterfly garden in March and just had the dedication. Since march we have had 14 different types of butterflies. It has been so neat as the children and the adults have really loved the butterflies and they have learned so much. I write a monthly butterfly column for our temple newsletter. I am attaching it to this email as it is a fun little story of God's rainbow after three hurricanes." Barb Nemec

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