Welcome to
First Congregational Church

of Fair Haven (Vermont) UCC!

Sometimes I get a moment to sit down and breathe
and questions bubble up in my heart and mind!

“Why am I alive?”

As a church family we have five life goals:

•Seeking God.
Life is too hard to manage alone.
And sometimes it’s hard to find God.
Our church keeps exploring new ways for us to reach out to God – together and all alone.
Do you need a deeper connection with God?
Join us!

• Becoming Real Friends.
When you come in the church door you will sense the warmth of love.
We want to be a family where we are welcomed, really listened to, loved, and strengthened.
New groups are regularly starting among us so everyone can find a community.
May we become your friends?

• Growing Closer to Jesus.
Life brings us never-ending challenges: relationships, parenting, finances, work, temptations, emotions.
Where is GOD in all this?
What is Jesus’ path for us through this confusion?
We want to be Jesus’ disciples so we keep learning, practicing faith,
and raising children and youth to know, love, and serve Jesus too!
Want to join us?

• Finding Our Life’s Purpose.
Sometimes our lives seem like a car with no steering wheel.
We are going but we’re out of control!
God made you ON PURPOSE, to play a vital part in God’s plan!
Come find God’s purposes for you in Christ’s church and in life!

• Reaching Out with Faith and Justice.
Hundreds of times the Bible says, “GO.”
Go share the love you’re receiving!
Go give a hand to someone else!
What joy we find when we reach out!
Look at our annual CROP walk!
Two hundred people come together to help hungry people near and far! Join us in making a difference?

I dare you!
Get to know the people on these pages!
Come to love the God we serve!
You will be glad you did!

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