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Allan A. Swenson

Allan Swenson completed his most recent book on Biblical gardens with this attractive, colorful book with chapters about foods Jesus ate, foods of the Bible, fruits and nuts of the Holy Land...
and so much more! Allan has written this as a resource for children and adults, with many delightful activities and adventures to connect children with the Bible and Jesus.

Allan is a well-seasoned gardener and has so much wisdon about growing each different plant in the Bible and the plants' history, and that wisdom shines here. Allan provides a very up-to-date listing of Biblical Gardens, websites, and other resources for growing a Biblical Garden.
One thing I would have preferrred was more historic Biblical recipes and menus, which you can find in the out-of-print Good Book Cookbook by Naomi Goodman and others.

ISBN 978-1-60239-214-4 $14.95 288 pages

Available at your local bookstore or Amazon.com.



Allan A. Swenson

A sequel to Allan's popular and informative volume, Flowers of the Bible,
this perennially wise gardener and author
shares the historyof a wonderful range of herbs included in the Bible:
aloe, coriander, marjoram, dill, hyssop, sage and more...

Herbs of the Bible will give you great advice on
• When and where to plant your Bible herbs
• How to prepare and improve the soil
• Proper care and harvesting of your Bible Herbs
• Ideas for recreating monastic herb gardens like those grown in the Middle Ages
• and plans for Biblical Herb Gardens in your church, synagogue, school or community!

Available at your local bookstore or Amazon.com

ISBN 080-652-4235 $12.95 Paper, 220 pages



also by our friend Allan A. Swenson

The desert shall rejoice and blossom;
like the crocus it shall blossom abundantly, and rejoice with joy and singing.
Isaiah 35: 1-2

Here it is: the rare family gardening book that stimulates scriptural contemplation and affirms your gardening success. Gardening expert Allan A. Swenson turns America’s number one family hobby into a spiritual as well as a growing experience with this comprehensive guide to creating and cultivating biblical gardens. He generously provides a wealth of important facts, growing tips, and useful information including:

· Complete lists of biblical flowers with scriptural references and the significance of each flower

· Garden design and soil preparation

· When, where, and how to plant and cultivate flower beds and borders, prayer and meditation areas, family memorial spots, and fragrant indoor accents

· Free gardening catalogues and web site wonders

· Resources and sources for plants, bulbs, seeds, and supplies, including suppliers, specialists, and horticulturists in Israel

Flowers of the Bible also provides you with a guide to biblical gardens of the United States and around the world, with web site addresses for virtual tours, and a full chapter on the Biblical Garden Preserve near Tel Aviv. Learn about these and other sacred flowers and their scriptural meaning: Buttercups, Psalms 4:5; Hibiscus, James1: 9-10; Poppy, Isaiah 40:6; Lavender, Song of Solomon 6:24; Rockrose, Isaiah 35:1; Violet, James 1:10

Allan A. Swenson, a Gardener’s Notebook columnist and TV’s "Dr. Plant," is a veteran garden writer with more than twenty-five years experience. The author of many books, he lives in Kennebunk, Maine.

Available at your local bookstore or Amazon.com

ISBN 080-652-314x $12.95, Paper, 288 pages

If you have not read it yet, do read

Allan Swenson's Plants of the Bible and How to Grow Them

First published in 1994 and recently republished and made a selection for the Crossings Book Club. 080-651-6151 $12.95, paper, 217 pages. Available from Amazon.com

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